Fast Facts

Latest seen in cinema

  • Robocop

    Really good. It is a completly different retelling of the story.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    What was that? This was not Star Trek!
    Can anyone remember when they used to be explorers?

Latest songs I listen to

Note: The [T…] in brackets indicates the song is sharpened or flatened by this value.

  • Poker Face [T-2] – Horie Yui

    For some reason I feel happy when I listen to this song.

  • Naisho no Hanashi [T-2] – ClariS

    Monogatari Series

  • Ai wo Utae [T-2] – Haruna Luna

    Monogatari Series — what else?!

  • snowdrop [T-2] – Haruna Luna

    Monogatari Series — anything else?!

  • Smile F [T-2] – Utakano Ichinensei & Sannensei

    I can listen to all versions for hours.

Last books I have read

  • Kizumonogatari 「傷物語」

    It is the second book but they still not release the film after they did the other ten stories — and it was great to read.

  • Der Schwarm (The Swarm)

    Entertaining but hard to read due to the small and tight type face.

Favorite music album

  • Innuendo – Queen

    All-time favorite.

  • Not Your Kind of People – Garbage

    I like the voice of Shirley Manson.

  • Soundtrack of Evangelion 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

    Sagisu Shirō 「鷺巣 詩郎」 … used the best of his repertory and made and monumental orchestration for the movies.

Favorite computer games

  • Sim City 4

    I am still building in my first region for already ten years due to the awesome community work.

  • Team Fortress 2

    The funniest Ego-Shooter I presume.

  • Need for Speed: Underground + Underground 2

    Yes, I have still a childish play instict.

Favorite Location

  • Barcelona

Direct quotes

I like my coffee with milk — no Latte.

I wish I could travel to America by train.

I like vegetable soups.

I do not like smart phones — they are to stupid for my usage.

I spend my holiday at the most relaxing and stress-freest place in the multiverse — at home.

If I would have won one million Euro I would live in a small house in the forest and work at social projects in a voluntary capacity

If I would become a super hero I would not be happy to be one

My worst purchase was an Apple MacBook and an Apple iPod.


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