Windows 10 File Explorer is extremely slow


Gmail – Android Mail is better

The Gmail App got a make-over – although it was not really necessary.

Missing features

The „Combined view“ for the Mail-Account – minus two stars for this insanity.


There was no switch for coloring the accounts in my preferred scheme. This feature is also missing in the standard mail client but there the coloring is more gentle. The aggressive usage of the color red makes it very uncomfortable for me.

Rating: bad (2 of 5 stars)


Publisher: Google Inc.
Last rated Version form November 6th 2014
Google Play-Category: Communication

mp3tag – Advanced conversion from tags to filename

Today I collect several scripts for a program named mp3tag (Version 2.6.2):

Convert tags to filename

$validate([$left(%discnumber%,1)-][$num(%track%,2) - ]$if($grtr($len(%artist%),40),,[%artist% - ])%title%,-)

A short explanation

In Windows are restrictions to the filename, so you can not use several punctuation characters and the whole path should not be longer than 255 charaters at all. Both cases happened to me recently and I sovled the problems this way:

  • $validate(...,-)
    invalid characters like /, ?, *, ", <, >, | and : will be replaced by -. This filters the invalid characters from used tags and prevents that the file become useless.
  • $if($grtr($len(%artist%),40),,[%artist% - ])
    With this here I check how long the artist name is – is it longer than 40 characters it will not be used in the filename.

Furthermore I expect there are any albums which contains more than nine CDs (%discnumber%) so I only include only the first character. For the tracknumber I always expect a format desaster: sometimes it is like „2/18“, „02/7“, „2“ or „02“ Here I read only the first number from this tag and convert it always to two digits with a leading zero.


Phrase of the day: Evangelion 4.0 – Final – We Can (Not) Wait

At the moment I am listing to the soundtrack of the new Evangelion movies and was quite curious about the release of the final movie.

Unfortuently till today there are no information to find about datails of the movie or its release date. But on my search through the net I found this headline phrase I use for this article – and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I can say that we have to be patient! I don’t expect it before 2017. If its release would be early it would be a nice surprise.

I found this headline here:
This article is in german – surprise – and it reflects in my opinion the common expactations for the final movie.

Today: Sony Xperia Z

Today I got my new smart phone – this one I mentioned in the headline. My former one – the Sony Xperia U (ST25) – I was really happy about it and my past android software reviews based on my old phone.

I still think I am smarter than my phones so I name this one … simply „Telefon“ like the last one.

But what I have to say at first: Firefox works – that’s awesome. Now I start checking out this new one and write something about it later.

Ugly rounded tabs in Thunderbird… and how to change it !

After I resigned the Opera Browser („Made in Norway… Ha Ha!“) I am using Firefox and Thunderbird again — and only after half a second after the Thunderbird window appeared I knew again why I hate this program.

The design and the layout is completely ill-favored. The line height is to small, the window search box to wide, filter box to small and some more issues. But at the frist glance you will see the deformed tabs at the top of the window.



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